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The uproot collective is working towards a cooperative and dignified world, where people and communities control their own destinies and where we reclaim our personal power. That world begins in our own communities. We foster and nurture projects to resist and replace oppressive systems and relationships. We are non- hierarchical, egalitarian, feminist and offer a safe space for collaboration, autonomy, and mutual aid.

community centers:

FCCAN - Fort Collins Community Action Network
Mission: create community based on furthering economic, social, and environmental justice, sustainability, human rights, and peace for all by building coalitions, developing strategies and actions, and supporting existing progressive organizations.

Wolverine Farm [Matter] Book Store Part of Wolverine Farm Publishing, a non-profit, Matter Bookstore's mission is to provide the community with a valuable resource through our carefully selected books and publications, weekly events, and the support of various causes. All of the money generated from booksales goes directly to funding publications such as the Matter Journal and toward various literacy outreach programs.

Bike Co-op The Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op is your community bike shop. We strive to keep good bikes out of the landfill, to keep our community riding, and to educate our neighbors in all things bike. Our corps of volunteers keep the bikes in the Fort Collins bike library running. We also refurbish and donate bicycles for a wide variety of charity events and programs for those in need.

fliers & documents

"Connect the Dots: Why are many anti-war activists concerned about globalization" (flier prepared for 2.15.03)

Resources to learn more about the connections between war & globalization

anarchism in action (online book on methods, tactics, skills, and ideas)

Rant Collective, Street Solidarity Agreement

action ideas from Ruckus Society

Gene Sharp, "198 methods of nonviolent direct action"

Notes on planning effective direct actions

Roles before, during, and after an action

Online resources about direct action, affinity groups, tactics, creative actions

Bibliography of readings in print (not online)

know your rights & other legal info

Read Legal Information on Encounters with Police (includes info on Questioning, Detainment, Searches, Arrest).  Teach your friends! Here's a shorter version from the National Lawyers Guild and here's a comic-style version

Had Problems with the Law? Fill out a Police Misconduct Report to help with legal and community cases

Guides to being a legal observer. from Midnight Special & Just Cause

Just Cause guide to talking to the media without causing legal problems for yourself or your friends.

Just Cause guide to jail solidarity

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Brief history of UpRoot!

action history page

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action handbook for getting organized to travel and participate in a mass mobilization

action planning guide for planning satisfying actions

what to do if you are contacted by the fbi:
katya komisaruk's excellent guide (including questioning tricks and tips on how to remail silent) html pdf .
national lawyers guild html pdf . aclu short long . hang this sheet next to the front door

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