Uproot History

UpRoot was founded in December 1999 by local anarchists and a group of 20 students and community members who had just returned from the WTO protests in Seattle. UpRoot projects consistently challenge capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, and elitism. Although projects tend to be organized in non-hierarchical structures which seek maximum participation and direct democracy, UpRoot has never formally described itself as an anarchist organization.

In April, 2000, we sent another 22 people to the IMF/WB protests in DC, had a simultaneous solidarity action on campus, held a fundraiser at the Aggie Theater with Tony Furtado and BatLord, and put on an all-day teach-in with more than 30 different speakers. We also had presence at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the summer of 2000, the TABD protests in Cincinnati in November 2000, both Quebec City and San Diego for a21, 2001, the Washington DC anti-war/anti-IMF/WB protests in late September 2001, and the World Economic Forum protests in New York in February 2002. We have taken more than 80 different people to mass actions for a total of 120 person-trips. For each of these events, we have also organized teach-ins in Fort Collins (some off campus and some on) and simultaneous solidarity actions (which we also did for the Prague IMF/WB protests of September 2000 and the Qatar WTO Ministerial in November 2001).

We also participate regularly in regional protests in Denver and Boulder. Since September 11 2001, we have helped organized two teach-ins on war (late September 2001 and April 2002). We have also supported the Unitarian Youth in their campaign against Old Navy's use of sweatshops, hosted CopWatch trainings, protested the opening of Fort Collins' Criminal Injustice Center, and initiated a police brutality and racial profiling documentation project.

UpRoot is currently taking the form of a spokescouncil and information clearinghouse. Our listserver is used to form affinity groups and keep everyone informed of what the different affinity groups are up to. UpRoot is responsible for having updated fliers and website with contact information for all affinity groups. Affinity groups may establish mission statements, principles, goals, and rules of conduct, but UpRoot does not have any. All affinity groups in the area are welcome to be represented at UpRoot spokescouncils and UpRoot will include these groups in its what is going on locally contact fliers. Since many people may want to participate in multiple affinity groups, attempts to avoid meeting overlap will be appreciated.