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Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) Resources: Internet


Our intention with this document was to collect and share on-line resources for NVDA. The list is by no means complete. The experience and perspective reflected in these web sites is often from a primarily white, straight, middle-class orientation. However, strategic and tactical direct action information for people of color, women, trans/queer/bi/gay/lesbians, working class and others can be extrapolated and applied in some cases. The bottom line: some resources may be less relevant to your constituency and require reframing. For that, we apologize. Please send us links that we should add! Also, please note that there is significant overlap between the categories. Finally, several links require free, downloadable software called Adobe Acrobat Reader:


SF BAY AREA CONTACTS  Direct Action To Stop The War & S.F. Bay Area Progressive Directory for groups in your area who are organizing civil disobedience




TIMELINE OF PEACE AND JUSTICE HISTORY (16 pages) or one copy of the same timeline in Excel spreadsheet format (32 pages)


NONVIOLENCE This site has training manuals for action planning, media, climbing, scouting, video taping, and hanging from a billboard. The orientation is small Greenpeace-style actions. Sam Beck’s NVDA Resources Act Up! New York’s C.D. Manual   Nonviolence International  Hit "Resources"    Root Activist Network of Trainers (RANT) Papers on Nonviolent Action and Cooperative Decision-Making: This website has a wealth of information, including very detailed agendas. Most of the material was developed in the 1980’s, and needs updating in response to current situations. Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research  Peace Academy Albert Einstein Institution (Gene Sharp)  publications on peace, war & nonviolence


AFFINITY GROUPS  Stop the FTAA’s Affinity Group Info and Resources  Freedom Rising's Affinity Group Resources Direct Democracy Now! Anarchism in Action: Methods, Tactics, Skills, & Ideas              Rise Up/Direct Action Network LA NYC anarchists


CONSENSUS DECISION MAKING for NVDA     Conflict and Consensus: a handbook on Formal Consensus Decision-making by C.T. Bulter and Amy Rothstein Information on consensus.   articles on consensus building.


MEDIA FOR NVDA The Ruckus Society’s Media Manual  The Spin Project’s Resources or

An activist guide to exploiting the Media by George Monbiot Rainforest Action Network’s toolbox Media Strategies for Activists FAIR’s Media Activism Kit Writing Press Releases Electronic Intifada Sierra Student Coalition’s FTAA Media Manual Stop the FTAA Activist Resources Media Tools

How to Tell and Sell Your Story: A Guide to Media for Community Groups and other Nonprofits

We Interrupt This Program…A Citizen’s Guide To Using the Media for Social Change

by Robbie Gordon, Citizens Involvement Training Program in Amherst, MA.


ORGANIZING/Strategic Campaigning  Organizing Guide for Peace and Justice Groups  Understanding Who Holds Power Organizational Power Mapping  Training for Change/George Lakey Gay & Lesbian Task Force Campus Organizing Manual Industrial Areas Foundation Lots of resources for building community. Grassroots Advocacy Training Exchange  The Development Model of Organizing  Highlander Research & Education Center   Activists' Center for Training In Organizing and Networking Activism Training Materials and Resources Community Toolbox   SCALE’s Advocacy and Activism site  Midwest Academy   Center for Third World Organizing:   510-533-7583.  National Organizer’s Alliance, 202-543-6603  Direct Action and Research Training Center, Inc. Kensington Welfare Rights Union’s Willie Baptist Article on strategy Common Cause on lobbying

Organizing for Social Change by Kim Bobo, Jackie Kendall, and Steve Max. $18-20.

Midwest Academy-style strategy and organizing skills. A great resource. The organizer’s bible.

Enough Is Enough: The Hellraiser’s Guide to Community Activism by Diane Maceachern.

Step-by-step instructions on how individuals can launch an effective citizens’ campaign at the grassroots level.
Organize!, How People Get Power, and Organizing: A Guide For Grassroots Leaders, both by Si Kahn (McGraw Hill)  Fantastic step-by-step organizing lessons.

Campus Organizing Guide For Peace and Justice Groups: Center for Campus Organizing    Look under Political Empowerment, Organizing  Organizing Books


Scouting for NVDA              The Ruckus Society’s contribution to the art of scouting. Pressure Point


CREATIVE ACTION: Political Theatre, ART & PUPPETS Spiral Q Puppet Theater The Puppeteers' Cooperative Home Page Puppet Building and Building Materials Wise Fool Basics Puppet Handbook Progressive Austin’s chants and slogans Art and Revolution

The Activist Cookbook: Creative Actions for a Fair Economy, from United for a Fair Economy


Communications (Comms) & TECH for NVDA  Excellent.  Prometheus Radio Project Organizers’ Collaborative


Video and Still photography for NVDA Camera Tips  The Video Activist Network


Blockades and Occupations Affidavit describing construction of lock boxes. Description of human blockades at WTO Delia Smith’s Basic Blockading Headwaters Forest EF! blockades


TACTICS  Headwaters Forest Earth First!  Headwaters Forest Earth First!  Direct Action Primer  Direct Action Guide  Direct Action by Nemesis (6 pgs) Gene Sharp's list of 198 nonviolent methods (tactics) 3 page Adobe Acrobat Gene Sharp's list of 198 nonviolent methods 
Protest Tools  Zapatista Block Creative Resistance


Police Tactics City of Eugene, OR crowd control  Crowd Management Handbook North Carolina   Crowd Management Texas International Police Mountain Bike Association Mountain Bike Crowd Control The health impact of crowd-control agents Law and Order Magazine  Martial Law – Crowd Control


Legal for NVDA    The Just Cause Law Collective

Common Sense Security by Sheila O'Donnell "If an Agent Knocks: Federal Investigators and Your Rights," Center for Constitutional Rights  National Lawyers Guild SFPD’s Rights on Onlookers Legal resources D2K Los Angeles legal Midnight Special Law Collective  Legal Solidarity Justice and Solidarity Lowenstein Law David Wool and Associates  Citizens have an obligation in accordance with the Nuremberg Principles not to cooperate with the illegal actions of our government. \ The Nuremberg Principles  SF Sheriff's Office SFPD station map

Her Wits About Her: Self Defense Success Stories by Women by Caignon, Denise and Gail Groves. Agents of Repression: The FBI's Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement. by Churchill, Ward and Jim Vander Wall.  Boston: South End Press, 1988.

The Age of Surveillance. Donner, Frank J. New York: Random House, 1981.

Break-ins, Death Threats and the FBI: The Covert War Against the Central America Movement. Gelbspan, Ross.  Boston: South End Press, 1991.

War at Home: Covert Action Against US Activists and What We can Do About It. Glick, Brian.


Grounding and Centering (Self-purification)


MEDICAL, FIRST AID and STREET SAFETY for NVDA  Boston Area Liberation Medic (BALM) Squad NE Action Medics Association   First Aid for Radicals and Activists: “Fight the power, do no harm.” Downloadable handbooks on street medic preparation, good info on chemical weapons.

Handbook on shields and self-defense. Information on shields and other forms of barrier protections.

Anarchism In Action: Methods, Tactics, Skills, and Ideas. Complied and Edited by Shawn Ewald

This is a ‘book’ of internet links to anarchist organizing methods, direct action, protest, and long term projects.


ANTI-OPPRESSION RESOURCES  Colors of Resistance     Anarchist People of Color Tools Race Traitor   Paul Kivel’s Uprooting Racism Workshops  Stop FTAA’s anti-oppression resources   Positive??? National Conference on Organized Resistance.


NVDA TRAINING RESOURCES  Training for Change/ George Lakey Delta Enterprise Network  Tons of great stuff.    NVDA History and 198 Tactics exercise   Peace Tools for Teachers Database of NVDA Trainers   Different.  This training organization, led by George Lakey, has descriptions of exercises to be used during trainings.


GRAPHICS: free and cheap… US Labor Against the War Friends (Quaker) Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) offers a free bumper sticker that says "War Is Not the Answer." FREE. Free, downloadable poster with a graphic of a bomb in a shopping bag with a US flag on the side that says, "Don't Buy It: War Is Not the Answer." FREE. Northland Poster Collective's free poster has the word "War" with a "no" slash through it and says above and below: "Unity Against Racism, Justice through Peace". FREE.  The Syracuse Peace Council offers a free poster to download, print, and display. It says "Revenge Will Not Heal Our Grief" with a graphic of a peace dove. FREE. or Donnelly-Colt  (run by two activists associated with War Resisters League) offers a wide variety of t-shirts, bumperstickers, buttons, and posters -- union-made where possible. Syracuse Cultural Workers offers a wide variety of t-shirts, bumperstickers, and buttons.  Northern Sun has a wide variety of t-shirts, bumperstickers, buttons, etc. Progressive Portal On Starhawk’s web page you'll find resources for nonviolent direct action and anti-oppression trainers/preparers and magical activism workshop facilitators. You'll find sample agendas, exercises, wall charts, handouts, and notes on how trainings went.