Solidarity in Practice for the Street Demonstrations


We are very different groups.We are not necessarily immediate allies nor are we each otherís greatest enemy.†† There are many things on which we do not agree.But, we will be in the streets together to protest this war.We know that the police and media are trying to divide us in order to crush our movements.Solidarity is the way in which our diversity becomes our strength, we build our movements and we protect each othersí bodies, lives and rights.


We believe we have some things in common.We believe in basic human rights and the need to live with respect and dignity. We believe we must protect this planet Ė our air, water, earth and food or wewill all die. We believe these global corporate and political institutions are serving only the interests of the rich.We all agree itís time for fundamental and radical change.


As we take to the streets together, let us work to be in solidarity with one another.†† The following suggestions offer ways in which we can make our solidarity real.








Jail solidarity:No one is free until everybody is free.††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† By the RANT Collective