audio reports by amory starr

on the FTAA Ministerial & protests thereof in Miami, Florida usa, November 19-21 2003

reporting for krfc part1 part2




on the WTO Ministerial & protests thereof in Cancún, México, September 10-14 2003

reporting for krfc

saturday 12th report on the protests (sat-raw). 10 minuted edited version (sat-edited)

sunday 13th report on collapse of the ministerial (raw). 10 minute edited version (sun-edited)


reporting for kcsb

kcsb's "global voices" show rebroadcast the krfc edited report from the 13th and followed it with an interview with amory about the implications of the collapse of the ministerial. this file contains the whole krfc global voices show.

local talk about community organizing, Fort Collins, CO, summer 2004(?)

part 1, 65 min

part 2, about 30 min