mass action handbook
getting your community on the road and into the street

getting organized timeline

remember there are 4 key actions being planned: a teach-in, your group's role in the mass action, a local solidarity action, and a community report-back.

about 8 weeks out from the mass action:

  • organize working groups
  • start talking about the action
  • figure out a date for the teach-in (about 3 weeks out)

about 7 weeks out from the mass action:

  • teach-in committee in full gear
  • outreach and advertising getting organized
  • media getting organized

about 6 weeks out from the mass action:

  • teach-in location should be firm
  • teach-in panels should be firm, speakers getting organized
  • media & outreach creating posters, fliers, etc.

about 5 weeks out from the mass action:

  • group doing the local action starts meeting, comes up with a concept, informs the media and art teams so outreach can start getting organized
  • good time to round up maps, which really doesn't need to happen at the last minute

about 4 weeks out from the mass action:

  • everybody focused on outreach for the teach-in (posters, fliers, email everyone, talk to everyone you see, contact local groups, remind, remind, remind)
  • preparing for talks at the teach-in

about 3 weeks out from the mass action:

  • the teach-in & fundraisers
  • housing at action should be confirmed by this point
  • the group that's going should start having meetings to get to know each other and talk about the nature of their participation. any needs for art & leaflets communicated to art teams.

about 2 weeks out from the mass action:

  • trip info packet team in high gear (lots of info won't be available until this point)
  • art & leaflets to take to the action are getting made
  • figure out a date for the teach-in (about 3 weeks out)

about 1 week out from the mass action & local solidarity action

  • who/when working group starts to have a good idea of what the trip is going to look like in terms of numbers and equipment
  • logistics team to manage local action is solidified

the week of action

  • media team in high gear
  • advertising for the community report-back
  • at-home legal support on duty
  • local action

the week following the action

  • the community report-back should be scheduled for about 3 days after the activists return
  • media team still in high gear doing analysis and follow-up, letters to the editor, etc. offer interviews with local activists who just returned, etc.
  • jail solidarity ongoing


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table of contents

Table of Contents

  1. introduction/home page
  2. get ready! what you need to know to make your participation effective
  3. becoming an affinity group & living the world you want to see
  4. putting on a teach-in
  5. outreach is something that everyone does!
  6. trip logistics
  7. legal
  8. media
  9. at home, while the mass action is happening
  10. when you get to protest-town
  11. back home, after the action

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links you need:

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